Chapter Sneak Peeks!

IMG_1692[1]Photo Credits: Jessicawoulfe

~Saturday Update~

Today is chapter snippet day and I’m excited to share some little insight on chapter one of my untitled series. But first I’m going to talk a little about my type of writing so that you guys won’t be confused on how I write versus other writers.The style I love to write is dialogue writing, dialogue writing to me is like a play, but normally plays would have lines that are too formal or not what people say in real life. But my style is way different, my writing is like real people having everyday conversations and I try to put in an environment where the reader is like whoa i’m actually this character, im in this for real. I create it so that people can be in their shoes and by doing this I can set the drama, romance, comedy etc into the mix to make Peoples heart race or make them question like what’s going to happen next? So it’s a little sneak peek on how I write and how I enjoy doing this as a passion of mine.

Chapter One: New Beginnings

Setting: It’s a downpour and Kairu has just arrived to a destination that his grandmother wrote down on a piece of paper telling him to “come here first before heading home”. Kairu exits the cab but doesn’t have enough funds to pay his cab driver, but out of kindness the cab driver tells Kairu that he doesn’t have to pay and tells Kairu to say hi to the pretty girl who works there for him. All the while Kairu is left in front of the sweets shop all soaked.  

(KairuN means Kairu narrates so like he’s talking in his head)


KairuN:Shit, I’ve been talking to him and now I’m all soaked.

Kairu:Hmm, this is the sweets shop huh.(Looks at the entrance, Reads CLOSED)Dang it, its closed.

(Kairu notices people inside and goes to the door and knocks on it)

Kairu:Hello! (Banging on the door) Can you please open the door?.



Kairu:Oh sorry its just that it’s pouring out and I don’t have anywhere else to go.

Yuuki:Well there are many places to go like YOUR HOME.


Well that’s how much I can show you but it’s still a work in progress but I hope you like it. Thanks for taking the time to read this and stay tuned for more next week for update day. As always see ya guys out there ~Kyle G


IMG_1693[1]Photo Credits: KaiSaunder

~ Saturday update ~

Full Chapter coming soon, please enjoy this sneak peek.

The Beginning

      Yakiro Hikigane


“The last thing I remembered was a crash.”


     Yakiro Hikigane snaps awake among a wreck on a hill. What happened? He was sitting in the bay area of the transport ship he was in. The ship was burning and a rumble alerted an oncoming explosion.


   Shit! Yakiro, regaining his senses, frantically gets up and jumps out the back of the ship as it explodes behind him. He looks at what’s left of the transport then walks off into the nearby forest, still not knowing what to do.


   As he walks through the dense forest, all of a sudden, he hears someone screaming.



~ Little Summary of sneak peek


  ~ Hey, so here’s the weekly Saturday update. Today, the character we meet is Yakiro Hikigane, a soldier from (so far) an unknown place who has lost his memory during a crash on his transport cruiser. After he wanders off into the nearby forest, he encounters someone in trouble! Who could this person be? You’ll see when the full chapter is released next week! P.s. to prevent future confusion, my story is divided into chapters like the episodes of a show, with each scene divided into sub chapters. Hope this helps and I’ll see you next Thursday. ~ Rithy T.



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