Update of the Series so far

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~Update Thursday~

Hey guys its update Thursday and I still haven’t gotten a good name for my series and I’ve been trying my hardest to think of one but it still hasn’t gotten to me yet. So in the meantime I’ll give you an update of chapter two of the untitled series.

Chapter Two: Adventures Awaits

In this chapter we focus more on the school aspect of Kairus life and the many ups and downs he gets from it. From joining clubs, making friends, etc. We also get to meet many new faces like a classmate named Hiroki Ozaki whose just a minor character that helps the story along and another main character Erika Onishi.. Erika Onishi is the typical student athlete that excels at both learning and sports, but when it comes to romance she fails in that department making her a rookie at love so to speak. So what will Kairu do? Wait to find out on chapter snippet day on saturday and I’ll give you guys a sneak peek on what’s to come. So like always see ya guys out there! ~Kyle G

No Rithy T this time just me. He will post on Saturday so stay tuned for his exciting series called The New World


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